Walking on Sunshine

OMG, guys! It’s cool here in Miami!! I mean, not wearing boots cool more like not sweating your makeup off cool but I’ll take it! The sunshine and the cooler air feels amazing to my skin. I love being able to walk from point A to point B without cursing the sun; I love being able to cook dinner with our windows open; I love heading to the park with my kids without feeling like we’re walking on Mars (Mars is a super hot planet in case you didn’t know). Point being, it feels really good right now in my part of the world and frankly, it shows when you see me. You’ll recognize me as the girl with the big smile on her face and her windows down in her car jamming to the Moana soundtrack (hey, I’m a mom).
Bring it, autumn…I’ve been waiting for you!

Dress: Embroidered open back dress by Zara (similar here, here, and here)
Shoes: Stan Smith sneakers in white by Adidas

How are the temps where you’re at? Are they feeling like gold? Hope so!


Another fun embroidered dress with Stan Smith option: