It’s amazing to think that here I am writing to absolutely no one and feeling like I can truly say what I want and mean what I say. The comfort that comes with the fact that you’re not actually speaking to someone in particular is as warm as a Kashmir sweater. I mean, I guess, if you’re dying to find out who I am so that we can have a heart to heart, that’s possible…but for the most part, I am speaking to the unknown and the unknown is listening to me, an unknown to them. I know, I know…I’m… View Post

Wow…that is one massive picture of me…but hey, it’s the only page that is truly devoted to me. I don’t have to tell you what I’m wearing, where I went or what I ate…this page is solely for me to tell you about me ;)And isn’t that super duper fun???Say yes.Anyway, this blog was my thought’s home for many years…I did it out of necessity to empty out my head. I never thought about creating something more than just a storage closet for my rambles and inappropriate comments but then things in my life took a change and I came back here…to my blog,… View Post