Whatcha doing this Thursday?

You guys remember the Saks fall preview post I did (if not click here)…well, this is what it was for. Tomorrow night (or tonight…depends on when you’re reading this), Saks Fifth Avenue in Dadeland Mall will be hosting a social night full of beauty, fashion and a couple fabulous Miami Fashion Bloggers including yours truly. So if you’re in the Miami area…stop by and I’d love to see you!
Social Night evite

2012 Emmys Best Dressed (and 1 worse)

If you love TV like I do, you know that the Emmys are “the” show to watch because it brings together all our favorite TV stars and of course, they all come out donning their best fashions. The 2012 Emmys were no exception with the red carpet filled with beauties wearing everything from sunny yellows to elegant grays. Here are my top 10 favorite looks from last night:

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Saks’ Contemporary Fall Collection (and FREE denim)

When fellow Miami blogger Nikki Novo (side note: you must check out her blog…she’s a beautiful writer and her message is always positive and full of good energy) approached me about participating in Saks Fifth Avenue’s contest to help unveil their new Contemporary department, I was thrilled.
I mean, I got to play dress up in the best closet around…Saks Fifth Avenue.
Here’s what I did…I went through and styled a couple looks that I felt were true to who I am in style but focused on trend for this upcoming fall season…and the best part is one of YOU can walk away with your choice of denim from Saks!! The blogger with the most comments on their post will win a pair of denim jeans for themselves and one of their readers…so leave your comments below for a chance to win. Being chatty has never been more fabulous…

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Behind the scenes with Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra might be considered to be the new kid on the block seeing that his line is just over 3 years old but don’t let that mislead you. His small (but growing) label is making big waves in the fashion world. I was honored to have had the chance to meet the talented (and charming) Bibhu through my adorable friends at Kiss My Face (click here for their story) and the rest…well, the rest is this post ;)
I went down to the garment district to visit Bibhu in his studio and I wanted to share with you all a little bit of what goes on inside a designer’s studio before New York Fashion Week…so don’t just stand there…ring the buzzer and come on in…

My interpretation of Dolce & Gabbana’s summer campain

My interpretation of Dolce & Gabbana's summer campain

If you haven’t seen Dolce & Gabbana’s ads for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, then you’re missing out on a world of beautiful Italian love. Continue reading →

Alexis Mabille Couture Collection F/W 2012-2013

I have to thank Vogue once again for bringing me such beauty in the morning. This time around, I am sharing with you the Alexis Mabille collection that blew me away. I loved the whole vibe and the energy behind each piece. While most of the collect felt very strong and constructed…there were some pieces that were the complete opposite…especially those in the soft pale colors. From heavy velvets to almost sheer silks…this collection demonstrated the designer’s ability to take any fabric and create fluid movements and elegant lines. In my opinion, the woman he had in mind when designing this collection  is definitely strong and confident. She can walk into any room and effortlessly command the attention of everyone. She is not afraid of her power and “damsel in distress” is not a role she’d ever play. She’s hardly classified as sweet, but always thought of as seductive. For me, that is the impression I got from this collection. The makeup was pale with very prominent red lips and the hair was slick, chic and high…which I thought was perfectly in tune with the show. Pure creativity.
Here I will leave you with some of my favorites looks from yesterday’s show.
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Atelier Versace F/W 2012-2013

Every morning when I wake up, I have the pleasure of seeing my email full of messages from Vogue (I highly recommend adding them to your Facebook and/or Twitter as well)…and I often spend the first hour of my day looking at all the images of new collections, collaborations and designs.This morning, I was so happy to see the Atelier Versace collection for this upcoming fall/winter season. Donatella Versace staged this utterly beautiful and feminine show at the last location her late brother, Gianni Versace, held his…the iconic Ritz Hotel. It was also the place where she last saw her brother…so you can imagine the emotions that were felt as the show started and finished. For me, this collection felt like love. Perhaps she had her brother’s presence extra close to her heart as she prepared for this show…I don’t know, but the collection felt emotional, almost fragile and true to Versace form…absolutely gorgeous. The color palette had an array of soft pinks, metallic golds and elegant purples. Donatella’s need for sexiness was displayed in a romantic way. The hair and makeup for this show was reminiscent of a Veronica Lake era…making the mix between the modern woman and vintage glamour a delectable combination. At prices starting at $19,000,  this is a collection that is attained by only the elite few that can afford it…but I have to say, it sure is nice to look at and hey, a girl can dream, right?
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Heading to the beach? Then cover up with these fab options!

I’m a Miami girl and I know that there is nothing worse than seeing people walking around the street in their bathing suits…it has this “less than classy” vibe to it and honestly, there is a time and place for your bathing suit and it’s not next to me at a restaurant…yes, this has happened. A woman sat next to us during lunch in her thong and tiny bikini top…needless to say it was less than appetizing.
So, that is why I love cover ups…they are your beach/pool/boat option that you can throw on top of your bathing suit and be “dressed” for any civilized social occasion. Cover ups are often made of sheer and flowy fabric which gives them an understated elegance and femininity…which of course, I love. They can be long, short, simple, embellished, sexy or sophisticated…the choice is yours but any option will make you look polished from the beach to the beach club for drinks. Personally, I don’t match my bathing suit to my cover-up because I believe that they are two separate outfits…so feel free to be adventurous with your cover-ups…not everything has to be matchy-matchy.My husband and I are leaving soon for the summer (we will be in Switzerland for 2 months)so I have been heading to the beach almost every weekend (I got to get my Miami sun while I can, right?) and this is what I wore to our latest beach outing:

J. Valdi woven tunic (I love this tunic because it reminds me so much of Missoni yet with the price tag of just $17.99 (thanks TJ Maxx), it’s totally affordable and super chic)
San Diego Hat Company (A floppy hat is a must for the beach…protect your beautiful face with an oversized hat like this and keep your chic level intact)


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Thakoon & Nars combine for some fabulous limited edition colors!

Well…it’s official…summer is here (even if sometimes the weather doesn’t seem to cooperate) and what better way to welcome the hotter days than by giving your lovely hands some fun colors to flaunt…and let’s face it…nothing looks better during the summer months than fun colored nails. That’s why I love these limited edition nail polishes by Thakoon for Nars

The collaboration was inspired by Thakoon’s beautiful Spring 2012 collection. Let’s check out some pictures from that show:
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My crazy obsession with Tieks flats!

Ladies, since we are so close now…I mean, I feel like we’re good friends…I’ve got to let you in on a little secret and that secret’s name is Tieks.
These adorable little ballet flats have taken over my closet and much to the dismay of my other shoes, I wear them almost everywhere. Not only do you not have to sacrifice fashion but you get the major added benefit of comfort…it’s a no-brainer, these shoes are a “must” have.
To tell you the truth, I fell in love with this brand because of their ads…they are so chic, fashionable and totally classy…so marketing does pay off (Tieks I hope you guys are reading this…your marketing team deserves a bonus or at the very least a big hug).
And while my heart has major attachment issues to red soled shoes (here’s looking at you Mr. Louboutin), my feet are completely obsessed with blue hues. I actually do love their signature blue colored sole, not to mention the patterns, color options and versatility which are all simply amazing!