Special Delivery

Last week was Thanksgiving and I don’t want to bore you with all the things I’m thankful for but let’s say this…I love my life.
I’m super grateful…today and everyday.
And since it was my year to host Thanksgiving dinner, Kalla’s offer to send me an arrangement could not have been better timed.
If you love flowers, you need to know Kalla. Why? Well, because sending Kalla flowers takes gifting florals to the highest level.
An insanely gorgeous level at that.
The presentation alone is worth the order…they come in their own little “house” that opens up to reveal the bouquet and in my case, a delicious bottle of Hill Family Estates sparkling wine and a box Christopher Elbow’s decadent chocolates. Continue reading →

A dinner out at De Rodriguez Cuba

At the time of this post, I was 38 weeks pregnant…and being offered to chance to try out Miami’s newest AAA 4 star restaurant was a no brainer…I mean, when you’re pregnant, you simply can’t pass up the chance to have a delicious meal. So the hubby and I went out for dinner…and what would unknowingly be our last dinner out as a couple sans children. We headed to the Bentley Hilton and walked into their De Rodriguez Cuba restaurant for a true Miami inspired meal.
(Side note: It was really hard to take clear shots because of the lighting but trust when I tell you that the food looks absolutely beautiful upon presentation)

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Cheese…it’s what’s for dinner!

It’s that old saying of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”….well, I am a stickler for “rules” and when in Switzerland, I will do as the Swiss do ;)
Our time has come to an end here in Switzerland and we’re heading back to Miami soon but before we leave…I wanted to share with you a true piece of Swiss life…and the piece is called raclette. So…I hope you’re hungry because a have a delicious plate of cheese waiting just for you…I swear, you’ll love it ;)

Go ahead…Indulge at La Gloutonnerie!

Besides having the amazing South Pointe Park right by my house…I am fortunate enough to have some of Miami Beach’s best restaurants within blocks of my home…
And so is the story of my newest neighbor, La Gloutonnerie. Truth be told, when I first heard that a fancy French place was coming in to the spot that used to house another fancy French place (Au Pied de Cochon), I was less than thrilled. I figured if the first concept didn’t work why would this one?
But curiosity got the best of me and I took my friend with me for dinner to check it out. Well, I can tell you that I absolutely loved the restaurant…so much so that just a couple days later I asked the hubby to take me there again for our “Date night”…so here is where my review begins:


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"My Ceviche" is my type of place!

Situated on the Washington Avenue between 2 and 3rd street is literally a hole in the wall restaurant called My Ceviche.

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How far would you go for…..

This question could be best filled with the following: money, love, happiness, the truth…but it is me who writes this and there is, after all, a fat girl that lives inside me and so the real question I must ask is: how far would you go for a delicious chocolate almond croissant? And my answer is: across the Atlantic ocean, two metros and six blocks out of my way.
As my hubby and I left Roland Garros (yes, we are there almost everyday…no, I don’t insist on wearing tennis attire to mark our obsessiveness), we went out a different exit. This turn of events lead us on the path of the greatest Boulangerie ever!!

As we were crossing the street towards what we thought was the right direction, we saw the sign from above….above the awning we were walking under…don’t get all religious on me now. We saw the line of kids waiting to get their grubby little hands on some sugar highs and well, kids do have the best taste when it comes to sweets…so we figured, ten kids could not be wrong. We stood in line and waited for our turn. Turns out this was like the “Soup Kitchen” of Boulangeries (which means pastry shop for those that don’t know francais). You say your order, lay down your exact change and pick it up in a matter of seconds. We got up there, shouted our order, paid and left…like two drug addicts with their fresh fix. We hurried to the metro and said “these will be great when we get home”. Who were we kidding? The chocolate almond croissants never stood a chance. The first bite was silence. Who needs to speak when you have so much to mentally digest. The powdered sugared almonds, the buttery croissant crust, the dark chocolate filling. It was a little slice of heaven….or at the least, a little slice of guilt free grease.
Chocolate Almond decadent croissants
So, as it turns out, we have become a bit of junkies to this drug. We found ourselves “accidentally” walking by it again today. A quick order and we were on our way…we did manage to hold off from eating the treats till we arrived home. Hopefully this is a pattern I can break easily or it will be a pattern that will break my pants….but for now, as they say….When in Rome…or in this case, Paris.