If the eyes are truly the windows to our souls, why not spruce up the “curtains” a tad? That was my mentality when Jen Woehle from Beau Ideal House of Beauty reached out to me and asked me to try out some eyelash extensions. To be honest, I always thought my eyelashes were pretty great but the “after” effect was amazing. Check out the pictures to see for yourself what a couple hundred extra lashes can do ;)

I’m busy…but let’s face it, so are you. We all are in this non-stop modern day world. And on top of all that, I’m now a full time mom…thus diminishing any free time I had to about zilch. This forced me to reassess my morning makeup routine. Where once I had all the time I needed to get ready, now I have to be finished in about 15 minutes…and that includes getting dressed and showered ;) Here’s what I do to get ready to “face” the day:

I know, I know…I’ve been totally and literally MIA (missing in action)…even after the last post where I mentioned that I would be back into the routine of things. Tisk, tisk. I’ve scolded myself so you don’t have to…but for the record, I would like to say that I am coming back to full-time blogging soon…real soon. And to make up for my absence, I want to share with you all a fab little perk especially for my Miami guys and gals. Van Michael Salon in South Beach is celebrating their 12 year anniversary and to thank the rocking city of Miami for all their… View Post

For starters, a good face in this case is a fresh and healthy face, a natural glow. Being pregnant for the last 9 months gave me an unfair advantage…after all, they don’t call it a “pregnancy glow” for nothing. But since Mia was born, I noticed my skin was lacking in that department. Enter Julien Farel salon and their lovely esthetician Betsy. She spent an hour pampering my face with the best products from Image Skincare. I was so relaxed and my skin looked so healthy afterwards. Keep reading to know all the products she used and how you can… View Post

In this day and age, it’s a miracle we can accomplish all the things we have on our plates let alone find time for a little pampering so the new service by the SpaFinder team is perfect for the modern day busy lady (or man). I was invited to lunch on a private yacht (yes, rough day for me) and chat with the CEO of SpaFinder, Pete Ellis, about their newest addition, Last Minute. So come and cruise away with me ;)