A couple weeks back a fabulous reader reached out to me and asked me about the lotions I am using…and as a pregnant woman, I can tell you that lotions essentially become your bathwater…meaning you will cover your whole body in it.  Luckily for me, my “bathwater” is made of from all natural ingredients and luxurious herbs thanks to the fabulous company that is Rica Body. And these products are not just amazing for preggos like me, but for anyone that loves a little pampering…and honestly, isn’t that everyone ;)

I know what you’re thinking…her taste in music lately has been saturated sugary sweet, right? Well, actually I thought this song was a perfect way to announce some big news…and since the title of the song is called “Baby”…you might have a good idea as to what I’m referring to. Yep…I’ve got a bun in the oven, awaiting a little bundle of joy, done got myself knocked-up, 100% preggo…in plain English, my hubby and I are having a baby!