Black & Blue

I remember thinking when I was younger that you could never wear black and blue together. It was one of those silly fashion rules that I believed. Perhaps I heard it from an older, cooler girl and I took it seriously.
Fast forward to today and I stand here (actually I’m sitting) to tell you there are NO FASHION RULES!! Seriously. Colors mix and match together from every end of the rainbow as do patterns and textures.
That’s the beauty of fashion…it’s not still. It’s constantly moving and evolving to fit the times, the perception and the people who wear it.
I couldn’t believe how many posts I saw after Labor Day about wearing white. I mean…c’mon, white is a ridiculously versatile color!
Why did we ever think we could’t wear it year round?
Those silly rules and outdated mentality are anything but chic so if you really want to know what the rules are…just remember this: you make the rules! If you like it, wear it and if it makes you feel good, then you know you’re on the right track!

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Changing Colors

There is little doubt that fall is arriving at full speed here in Europe. The days are crisper, the air is drier and the sun is a more vibrant shade of orange. Soon, the leaves will begin their annual “outfit change” and start bringing out their own fall colors. Truthfully, I’m pretty excited about it. The Swiss are not as excited because the summer was indeed short and not as warm as usual but to this Miami girl, the change of seasons is something that makes me super happy. Fall happens to be one of my favorite times of the year and since in Miami we don’t really get an autumn, I’m soaking it all up and not complaining the least bit about the chiller temps.

I saw this dress in the window of H&M and was drawn to its darker, cooler colors. The cut and fabric of this dress is VERY unexpected from this “fast fashion” giant. It feels, fits and looks much more expensive than it was. Could it be that European versions sell better quality than their American counterparts? Maybe it’s just me and the fact that when shopping in Europe you just feel a little bit chicer ;) Even if it is at H&M. Continue reading

Summertime Blues

There are certain colors that I feel only work when the weather is warm, the sun is bright and the days are long…and this blue is definitely one of those colors. It’s like a cobalt/Greek blue and I think it’s the perfect summer hue of blue.
I bought this dress here in Zurich during Zara’s crazy summer sale…I got it for under $40.00 which is a major (major!) deal. It’s more of a casual style dress but I added a very lose white ribbon belt around my natural waistline to give it a tad more shape. It was the perfect look for an afternoon at the lake with my family. Also, I’m a sucker for a shirt dress. There’s something so effortlessly chic about this style. I have more shirt dresses than I can count, but I’m happy to welcome this one to the “club” ;)
At first my hubby was kind of against the length, which he dubbed “grandma-ish” but after I had it on, even he agreed it had a nice look to it.
Wearing things past your knees can potentially be boring but with high slits on each side, I thought this dress was anything but frumpy. Continue reading

Keeping Things Neutral

If you’ve been following me on Twitter & Instagram, you know that I’m in Switzerland for the summer and that makes this post’s title even better. Gotta love them Swiss and their neutrality ;)
We arrived here 3 weeks ago and it’s amazing how a change in location can affect everything about you right down to your style. Zurich is a very chic and wealthy city so it’s not surprising to see everyone out in their designer suits, beautifully pressed clothes and Lanvin flats.
Coming from Miami where the weather is so hot you’d opt to walk around naked if you could, it’s a nice change to see everyone looking so well-dressed and put together. When we go into the city (which is very often), I venture away from my shorts and canvas sneaks and gear myself to feminine and polished outfits like this dress from 4.Collective.

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Running Free

The other day on Instagram (here), I posted something about how difficult it is to be a Stay-At-Home Mom…or frankly, how to be a mom (period).
It requires you to be available 24/7 to someone other than yourself.
If forces you to find patience when you’re sure you’ve got none left.
And sometimes, yes, it can be totally and utterly overwhelming.
I don’t say this to complain about motherhood…I saw this almost as a disclaimer to it. There are a lot of amazing things that have come from me being a mom and probably one of the greatest thing is the way you become totally unselfish with your own time and energy. You won’t think twice about putting your child first and that’s a truly beautiful thing but that’s also why it’s so important to remind yourself to take time for you. Just you. In the midst of being moms (in some cases super moms), we forget about doing something good for ourselves. For me, it’s working out and staying fit.
Back in Miami I was in my routine of Pilates, Barry’s Bootcamp and recently barre but here in Switzerland I’m having to carve out “me time” with good old fashioned runs by the lake.

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Into The Blue

I did a post in a bikini…I still can’t believe I’m publishing these pics. My body definitely still has room for improvement BUT I absolutely loved this bikini and I just simply had to share it. First off, the cover up is the perfect fun print that will take you from beach to sunset cocktails. It’s very sexy, light and gives you such great movement when you walk. The team from Lisa Blue contacted me about doing a review and it didn’t take much convincing once I saw the suits.
They’re perfect for Miami. The prints, colors and of course, cut are everything a South Beach girl looks for in a bikini…leave it to the Australians to know just what we like.
There’s no doubt about it, swimsuit season is officially here (just check the temperatures around the country) so if you’re searching around and trying to find something fun, new and different…check out my thoughts on Lisa Blue.

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French Connection Brunch

French Connection Soho Beach House
Fact: An invitation to brunch at Cecconi’s is fabulous. An invitation to brunch at Cecconi’s with the amazing team from French Connection is on a different level.
French Connection was in town and they gathered some of Miami’s best bloggers for a brunch and some fun. I love (LOVE) events like this because it’s truly a rare occasion when so many of us can be together in one place.
It’s like hanging out with your girlfriends…except they’re all amazing bloggers ;)
We laughed, drank, ate (more carbs than should be allowed) and of course, posted, tweeted and tagged the afternoon away. I was lucky enough to chose my entire (from head to toe) look from French Connection’s newest collection. I chose something a little outside of my comfort zone with this “Havana Red” number. It was definitely very va-va voom with its cut and the color…and I gotta be honest, I kind of like the way I felt in it. Meeeeow! Continue reading

Gap Opening Soiree

As I previously mentioned (here), Gap has a new home on Lincoln Road. I was invited (along with some of my favorite blogger gals) to a private soiree to sneak a peak at the store before it officially opened to the public. The store is absolutely stunning. The architects (Touzet Studio) did an amazing job. It’s super bright, airy, modern with a dash of Art Deco and HUGE! I loved it! It has everything you could think of…from men to women to kids to maternity. I saw so many cute items that I know will be making their way into my closet but mostly I was drawn to the ridiculously cute kids’ section. I want to buy Mia every single item.
Not an exaggeration at all. I think Gap makes some of the best baby clothes out there. High quality, great pricing and trendy styles…
Some of my favorite gifts at my baby shower were from Baby Gap. Here’s a couple pics from the event and what I wore to welcome Gap back to Lincoln Road. Continue reading

Denim and Lace

I’m wearing jeans…again. The obsession with this versatile item in my closet is real. I thought that once the summer heat would come around my jeans would be safely tucked away in a drawer but nope…they’re still here. On a good note, the heat hasn’t been that unbearable so thankfully I’m not melting when I do wear jeans. I’m always on the hunt for a good fit and classic styling so I was super happy to find that Benetton makes jeans that are beyond affordable and have a fabulous cut…they actually give me a nice perky booty. And you know that is always a good thing! As for my top, I love mixing soft/hard fabrics. Leathers and silks, tweed and cotton and denim and lace. This top is sheer with lace details and it was perfect for an early dinner with the hubby at Prime Fish. Continue reading

Little White Dress

Little White Dress 069
It’s no doubt that white is the new black. I mean, it’s everywhere. Fashion from every end of the spectrum is embracing the pure chicness that is clean, crisp white. Believe it or not, it was really hard to NOT pair this dress with a “pop of color” or something truly bold but in the end, I’m was happy to keep things a little more low key and muted and truly let the white shine. I saw this shirtdress in the Gap window and immediately was drawn to its feminine cut and super light fabric. This is such a winning piece in my eyes. I will get a lot of use out of this dress here in Miami and also while in Europe this summer. The style is very classic and paired with wedges, flats or even Keds, it’s a great look for an easy stroll by the waterside. I kind of wish that Gap made this shirtdress in more colors because I can see myself wanting to live in it all summer long. :) Continue reading