I picked up this sweet little REDValentino number at the Gilt Warehouse sale and I’m honestly not sure that I can tell you what I paid for it because it was such a steal…and because I’m afraid they made a mistake on the label and will track me down thanks to this post and make me pay the difference. For the record, I will admit that I would happily pay it because this dress and me belong together. It’s the softest prettiest pink ever and it’s got the most delicate little Valentino bow along the waist to make this look the epitome of girly. I could have paired it with some strappy heels or cute wedges but honestly, these Keds were exactly the shoe for the dress.

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Take It Easy

Fact: the title happens to be one of my favorite songs…
I mean, what can I say, I grew in Indiana. The Eagles were kind of a big deal in my youth (along with the Grateful Dead, DMB and Phish…I know, I know…totally random).
One of the reasons why I like that song is because it still resonates with me today.
We’re all here running around like mad women and men, rushing from here to there, being connected through more apps than we ever could have dreamed of and rarely taking the time to simply enjoy the moment.
Sometimes it takes a song, a blog post, a newsfeed or a friend to remind us to stop and chill.
For me, the weather lately has been my catalyst to slow things down. I’ve forced myself to go and enjoy the beach, the sun, the breeze, the umbrella shade and let myself unwind from the day to day craze we all live in. And it feels AMAZING! Honestly, try once a month (or once a week if you can) to truly relax. Take a day off. Make no plans. Answer no calls. And just take it easy.

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Devil in a Blue Dress

Well, not really devil…more like an angel if you ask me ;) but I will say that this stunning little dress did make me feel a little devilish. It’s short, sassy but totally elegant. Once again, 4.Collective has proven to me that they’re totally in tune with women and designing dresses that make us feel confident and sexy. I mean, is this verona jacquard fit and flare dress not absolutely perfect for this princess? Yes, yes, it is.

We have a summer wedding coming up and this dress will be perfect for it. I love the light blue hue, the delicate silver thread that is woven throughout and the absolutely chicest cap sleeves I’ve seen in a long time. I paired it with some  silver heels I’ve had for a couple years and it was love at first sight.

4.Collective’s spring/summer collection has me swooning…seriously, I’ll take one of each please! I’ve got a couple more pieces from this company that I’ll be sharing and I have a feeling you’ll be loving their new stuff too.

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Sheer Madness

Fact: I’m always been afraid of sheer because somehow in my mind, I’d pictured it kind of cheap and tacky. I know, I’m antiquated in my thoughts…feel free to roll your eyes my way but I’m just being honest. Anyway, I saw this DVF black dress in pictures and loved it and of course, went out looking for it…and once I had it in my hands, I was shocked to see that the stripes are actually sheer panels alternating with fabric. And you know what, it doesn’t look cheap and tacky (tell me the truth, okay?). It gives the dress a really nice texture and detail. So, that just goes to show that I, Princess Martha, can occasionally be wrong. ;)

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Life is complicated, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be. You’re going to see a lot more dresses coming up on the blog simply because they’re kind of a one stop shop in my book.
I can put one one, add some heels and a bag and be done without too much stress (and wardrobe planning). I posted a couple of dark looks lately but just as chic as black can be, so is white. The simplicity of neutrals is elegant and always in style. You look clean and put together and fresh…which exactly is how I felt while wearing this DVF silk dress.

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Desk to Dinner Dress

You guys know I LOVE 4.Collective (seen here, here and here)…for me, they’re the quintessential modern day woman line. Their dresses are made for busy women that want to not only look fabulous while at work but also afterwards. Simplicity in dressing is one of my fave things as a busy mom…and even if you’re not a mom, I think you can appreciate the fact of being able to look good throughout the entire day, no matter where it takes you.
The team at 4.Collective sent me some of their fave pieces from their previous collection and I immediately wanted to share this one because it’s pretty easy to wear during any season. The color palette is chic and the cut is perfect for any weather. Pair this with a fitted blazer and it’s totally suitable for colder temps. Continue reading →

Long Black Dress

I love me a little black dress but sometimes even I need to mix it up. This Riller & Fount dress is the perfect solution for an out of the ordinary but classic LBD option. I love the midi-length, the wrinkle free fabric and the simple cut. It’s so chic. I paired it with strappy heels and my Chanel for a polished look but I can easily wear this dress with a jean jacket and some cute Keds for a preppy casual look. Riller & Fount makes super easy and wearable options. And as a mom, it’s all about making quick decisions and looking great. If I have somewhere to go, I want to be able grab something quickly from my closet and know I’ll look put together without having to add too much time to my schedule. Long live the LBD…whether it be little or long ;)

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Dreaming of Spring

We had a cold front come through Miami last week and let me tell you…it was a harsh reminder to appreciate our warm weather and enjoy it…always. Even when we’re soaked in sweat because the humidity is 150%. Naturally, after the two day winter passed, I couldn’t wait to get back into my short dresses and sandals. Amazing what a couple of 50 degree nights will do to a Miami gal (if you’re rolling your eyes at me, I don’t blame you). I ran to my local Intermix and picked this beautiful silk dress from Equipment. It’s the perfect springboard to Spring…see what I did there? I love the soft design, the beautiful pastel hues and the ease of wearing silk. Seriously…if it’s not cotton or silk, I’m not sure I want to wear it anymore. Somehow you just feel better in natural fabrics…or is that just me being the epitome of a Princess?
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Sam & Lavi Obsession

I told you guys here that Sam & Lavi would be a label that was going to start showing up more in my closet rotation and sure enough…here it is up on the blog again. There’s something so easy and chic about this ensemble. The pants are silky smooth and the top is full shoulder and cropped…a perfect combo in my book. Sam & Lavi is definitely LA born but the label works beautifully with Miami’s winter weather. Both items will get a lot of use individually (especially the pants) and in my opinion, they’ve got quite a bit of  longevity with their style. Not so trendy that you won’t use them next season but trendy enough to be on point with their cut and fit. Continue reading →

Vanessa Bruno Athé

Hey babies…finding dresses that work with my long torso is super tough. Often times, the waistline hits much higher than it should making most dresses look super short on me…which would be okay but depending on the cut, it can look like I’m wearing a kid’s size. Anyway, flash forward to this dress from Vanessa Bruno’s Athé line…yes, it’s short and it could probably hit a little lower on the waist BUT I love it. It’s fun, flirty and the embroidered print is such a great mix of colors. It’s a very easy dress to enjoy and wear. Perfect for a day time lunch in Wynwood. I paired it with my little suede booties to give it a little more bohemian vibe although this dress would also look great with ballet flats for a more Parisian look. If I was going to anything like SxSW or Austin City Limits, I would probably take this little number along for the ride. Continue reading →