Mama’s got a brand new bag!

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So, I know what you’re thinking…is she really writing about a bag? Yep, I am…because this isn’t just a new bag for me, it’s my new “diaper” bag for Mia. Double whammy! For me, a diaper bag always seemed like a weird thing to buy…especially a designer one. I mean, what do you do with it when you don’t need it anymore? It’s not like you’ll be toting around that bag as a purse…or do you?? Anyway, I know spending crazy money on a diaper bag seems impractical, but at least I know that this  bag will 100% be used again long after Mia’s diaper days are over. That’s how I got by hubby on board ;) Continue reading →

VLOG: The top 10 things I’ve learned since becoming a mom 10 weeks ago…

I know….it’s a long vlog…sorry. But I think if you’re having a baby or at least considering it, it’s worth checking out what I’ve learned and wish I knew beforehand.
And if you’re not having a baby anytime soon, it’s also worth checking out so you can catch a glimpse of little Mia. See it’s a vlog for everyone!

Thanks to those that sat through it…you guys are my faves ;)


The Do’s and Don’ts of Preggo Talk

So…as I reach the end of my pregnancy, I am reaching my level of tolerance for the comments that I hear on a daily basis. Most of the time, people are genuinely happy and sweet with their words, but you’d be surprised how often I have encountered less than stellar words from people…which leads me to this post, here are just my personal thoughts on what you can and can’t say to a pregnant women:
(by the way, this picture below is me yesterday…showing off the bump and proud!)
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Pregnancy Fit at 36 Weeks + Product Review

Hi Guys,
Sorry for this super long vlog post but I wanted to share with you all the products that I have been using consistently throughout my pregnancy. All the products are listed below the first video in case you want to know more about them. Enjoy!

1) Fairhaven Health Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamins
2) New Chapter Wholemega Prenatal
3) Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub
4) Belli Elasticity Belly Oil
5) Belli All Day Moisture Body Lotion
6) Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+
7) Make Up Forever Pro Finish Powder Foundation
8) Gustavo Briand Miracle Oil Hair treatment
9) Bath & Body Work Jasmine Vanilla Lotion
10) Evian Water
11) Benefits of fresh squeezed orange juice

See you next week!


Yep, I’m round, I’m wearing horizontal stripes and it’s quite possible that from far away I may look like a dreamsicle…but isn’t that delicious ;) I love being able to play with fun spring and summer colors lately. As chic as black is, color is like wearing a smile. You simply feel good. I wore this comfortable outfit out the other day for an early bird dinner with the hubby. It was perfect for the warm afternoon sun and transitioned beautifully for the breezy evening later.

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Pregnancy Fit at 35 Weeks

Hi Guys!
I’m back with my latest installment of Pregnancy Fit. This week I wanted to talk about keeping with a plan and really pushing yourself to stay healthy and fit. I hope it didn’t come across pushy…let me know and I’ll gladly give myself the side-eye ;)
As for the workout to do at home, this is an easy and fabulous stretch. It feels amazing to open up your shoulders…especially because we all tend to lean in (due to computer work, cell phones, etc.). Great way to counteract that.


Casual chic in spring colors

I am so happy for the warm weather and the long days of sunshine…sorry to rub it in, but in Miami, the weather is all Spring and even some summer already…and it feels amazing ;) Here is what has become my “go to” outfit as of late…a comfy and colorful shirtdress, a cute hat and some flats. It works for my preggo self and in my opinion, it looks pretty chic too.
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Pregnancy Fit at 34 Weeks

From Latham Thomas’ “Mama Glow” book:
“This swell-quelling salad is the antidote to edema. If you’re sensitive to onions, you can skip them and it will still be amazing. This seasonal salad is hydrating and cooling on warm summer days and helps to reduce swelling caused by heat, poor circulation and edema. Watermelon is a powerful food, rich in vitamins A, B, C, lycopene, magnesium and potassium.”

One 5-pound watermelon
1 red or Vidalia onion
1/2 cup fresh chopped mint leaves
1/2 cup fresh chopped cilantro
1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley
4 tablespoons fresh lime juice
Salt and pepper, to taste

Cut the watermelon into 1 inch sized chunks and place in a large bowl. Slice the onion into thin strips and soak in enough cold water to submerge the onions, for at least and hour. Discard the water and remove the onions. Add the onions, mint, cilantro, parsley and lime juice to the watermelon. Gently mix and season with salt and pepper.
Finish and enjoy!!

For more ideas, tips and information about Latham’s book, please visit:

Here is the brief video from the Expert Village explaining and showing a jump board session.

And here is my Pilates video where I am demonstrating a very easy but important exercise. Notice how my stomach moves in and out drastically.


Shift in attitude

I’ve been asked a lot about my maternity style and I have honestly been surprised at how many non-maternity pieces I am able to wear. The most important rule in maternity wear is to stay true to your style and never be afraid to try it on. I bought this dress at Banana Republic after having fallen in love with the material and the color. I bought it a size bigger than I normally wear and voila! it zipped! A shift dress is always in style and in my opinion, it’s the perfect silhouette for a preggo…so go ahead, hot Mommas to be…step into that dress in the window. You may be surprised at how it fits!

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Pregnancy Fit at 33 Weeks