We had heard the horror stories of attempting to conquer Disney with a toddler. The tales of long lines, the hot Orlando sun and no available reservations for lunch and dinner. The stories of tantrums over not being able to see Elsa. The exuberant cost of having to buy every souvenir known to man. And lastly, the nightmares of not being able to disconnect from Disney itself once the park day was done (hotels that play theme music throughout their grounds, pools with bright colored character sculptures, rooms with only Disney movies playing and so on and so on). Needless… View Post

There are a lot of things to see in New York City…this is obvious just by looking around at any given location…but one thing that I will tell you is a “must see” is the beautiful High Line walkway on the lower west side of the city. Finished in 2009, this former railroad track has been transformed into one of the most beautiful “parks” in the city. The hubby and I planed our morning to walk the High Line from one end to the another and these are just some of the amazing views I was able to see. First… View Post

There are a lot of things about me you don’t know of yet but the one that you NEED to know for this post is that I love weddings…all weddings. Doesn’t matter if I’ve known you all my life or we just met, if I am at your wedding, I will cry, get all mushy and gush about the bride’s dress like she and I are bffs. So you can imagine my joy when the hubby and I were invited to his cousin’s wedding yesterday. The weather in Switzerland has been beyond perfection (actually tough to leave it when the… View Post

My brother and I did a day trip to Luzern and we just had to experience the views of Pilatus. This place has such a magical feeling to it and the story behind it is quite interesting.According to one legend, Pontius Pilates’ tormented soul haunted the lake and because of this…going up to the top of the mountain was prohibited for many years.Another legend is that during the medieval times a dragon was said to live on the mountain itself…so as I said, this area has a very magical and almost mysterious appeal.Here are some pictures of our day on… View Post

One of the best things about Switzerland is the diversity in their cultures and languages…take for instance the city of Lugano, located in southern part of Switzerland…which is the Italian part of this tiny country. Just a couple hours by train from Zurich and you are transported into an Italian Riviera…Swiss style of course ;)