I always wanted to do a Zermatt post but for some reason I hadn’t come around to it until now. This is our fourth year coming and I fell in love with the village on the first visit. It’s small, picturesque and peaceful…and for me, it’s my favorite city in Switzerland. And because of its no cars ban…the views and the air are crystal clear. Everyone knows that Zermatt is the place for the world’s elite and fancy to come ski during the winter…but in the summer, the city has a completely different vibe. It’s super laidback…filled with hikers, bikers… View Post

The Far East…a place where many have never been…which of course, leads to it’s mystery and allure…but mystery no more, Ladies. Grab your passport, buckle in and let’s get going because we’re taking you to the amazing city which is Hong Kong.Hong Kong is an island off the coast of China’s south and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea…which creates the world famous skyline…a modern day city surrounded by a beautiful harbor. Seems so massive in size but actually Hong Kong is only about 1,104 sq km (426 sq mi) and with a population of… View Post

If fashion and art had a child…it would be Art Basel Miami Beach. For one week, the best of the art and fashion world meet in Miami Beach for what is always a creative explosion of fun, parties, art and over the top styles.Powerhouse galleries bring their million dollar pieces to the convention center while unknown artists create their pieces on the streets of the Wynwood.  Major fashion players like Dior and Cartier set up pop-up shops showcasing limited edition items and collaborations with artists.Some of the best parties were hosted by names that we all know: Louis Vuitton hosted… View Post

                             If Miami were a perfume, it would smell like coconuts, sunshine and dash of mojito mint wrapped up in a very expensive and beautiful bottle…Eau de Miami…can’t you just smell it?  It’s easy to know why Miami is such a hot spot for celebrities..it’s warm and sunny, it’s always packed with beautiful people and the nightlife and beaches offer something no one can refuse.   Miami is in the United States but many will definitely tell you, it’s a country of it’s own. It has a mix of Latin, European and Island culture which allow this city to be… View Post

Paris is like my second home…and not because we have an apartment there or anything…but because when I’m there I am completely at peace and happy…the kind of feeling you only get when you’re “home”.And even though my heart has and always will belong to Miami…my soul is probably Parisian born ;) Here are a couple of the things I learned this time around in beautiful Paris:9) The best way to see a city is by using your legs. Yes, I know that I’ve advocated before on this site about the wonders and fun of the double decker tour bus…and… View Post