Well, I leave tomorrow…who would have thunk that I could survive for two months far away from my comfort zone…not I, said Pie (inside joke). And I have to say that this time around, I actually (dare I say it) liked Zurich. Once I started wondering around, I actually grew to really appreciate the city, the art it holds and the secret little pubs hidden in Old Town. Zurich is basically the “downtown” of Switzerland and the most modern…but even here, I couldn’t help by laugh at the old-fashioned way of life. There are a lot of things that I… View Post

Obviously there are many things about Europe that classify it, borderline stereotypically, as Europe. And for me, it’s not the food or the funny accents…it’s the music. Now I have been battling with the radio stations here since I arrived. I have learned to pick and chose my battles with the DJ’s….I mean, some old songs do need to be replayed (Roxette, The Look) but others….once they’re dead…they should stay dead, no? I mean…I don’t ever need to hear Ace of Base again. What’s also funny about the radio here is that people that have no career in the states…can… View Post

This question could be best filled with the following: money, love, happiness, the truth…but it is me who writes this and there is, after all, a fat girl that lives inside me and so the real question I must ask is: how far would you go for a delicious chocolate almond croissant? And my answer is: across the Atlantic ocean, two metros and six blocks out of my way. As my hubby and I left Roland Garros (yes, we are there almost everyday…no, I don’t insist on wearing tennis attire to mark our obsessiveness), we went out a different exit.… View Post

I have arrived!! No, I don’t mean that I have finally made it to the front page of the society pages…yes, I am obsessed with the Housewives of New York. What I mean is that I have arrived to my final destination…no, not death. Paris, France.After a month of trying to tie up loose ends, I finally allowed myself to get on the plane and admit that whatever wasn’t finished, would just have to wait. I did only accept this after my third glass of Chardonnay…thank you Swiss Airlines! But we, the kids (aka my beloved furry little Chihuahuas) arrived… View Post