Walk on By

I almost never post pants…because I’m the dress queen of course but when I saw these linen pants at J.Crew I felt the need to get them because they just seemed so effortless and they have an elastic waist…which for a preggo lady is a big deal. I’m 4 months pregnant now which is why I’m starting to look a little more “round” so these pants work perfectly. They are not maternity pants but with their forgiving waistband, they will certainly work for me. And let’s be honest, shopping for maternity clothes is hard and I kind of want to be buying pieces that I can use now and later. I’m not saying these linen pants will make it till I’m 9 months but hey, I’ve been stocking up on trapeze dresses for that ;)

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Behnaz Sarafpour

I have a lot of dresses…so many that some of my fellow fashion bloggers have dubbed me “the Dress Queen”. I know, I know…it’s actually kind of a cool title, right?
But it’s true, I am pretty obsessed with dresses and given that in Miami a dress can be a year round staple, it’s no surprise that I am full stocked with dresses of every length, color and fabric.
I actually got this Behnaz Sarafpour dress in NY a couple of seasons back and I had every intention of wearing it to an event but I got pregnant and thus the dress sat in my closet for a couple of years. I finally took it back out because I had thought I could wear it to my friend’s wedding but now I’m pregnant again and so this dress will not make it to that event but it did finally make it to the blog…so I’m calling it progress!

Miami Beach Guide with Quinny Yezz

{Ready to take you on a tour of our city}

When the über chic team from Quinny reached out to me and asked if I could showcase the city I love while giving the new Yezz stroller a stroll, I immediately signed on. I mean, I get to include two things that I love dearly with this post, my daughter Mia and my beautiful city, Miami Beach. It was a match made in mommy heaven. These are my top four (4) spots in Miami Beach, all of which will provide you with a different view and vibe of our little tropical home.
Traveling around Miami Beach with a child is made infinitely easier with the Quinny Yezz. Some of these places are crowded and require you to be able to maneuver around people easily…and thanks to Quinny Yezz’s four wheels and compact size, you’ll be weaving in and out of tourists like a real local.
So let’s get our five point harness secured and get this show on the road!

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Skater Girl

Sorry if I just conjured up an Avril Lavigne song with that title…but I thought the title fit (although I can’t say the same about that song). Anyway, I love me some skirts and dresses with a skater cut.
It’s fun, flirty and super feminine…which is kind of how I like to describe myself ;) Anyway, I got this skater dress at Armani Exchange a while back which is why it’s got longer sleeves but I just got around to wearing it (problems of a shopaholic).
I love the way it moves when I walk…kind of made me feel like I had a Beyonce worthy wind machine following me around.
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Zip It

There’s something about zippers on clothing…it makes it feel a little extra sexier, daring and adventurous. Take this dress from 4.Collective…it’s just your normal classic silhouette but that zipper that runs all along the side of it makes this dress stand out from your ordinary wardrobe staple. It’s always great to have classics (and trust me, that’s so my style) but it’s also nice to make some of these classic pieces become a little more contemporary in style and attitude. Also, that hemline is definitely adding a little extra sass to what could very well be a work dress. That’s why I love this line so much…you can go from work to happy hour to dinner with your love without doing so much as having to reapply your lip color.

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See by Chloé

“Eye” have got a thing for eyelet lately…there’s something so classic and chic about this fabric and to me, it just is the epitome of warm summer days and nights. I’ve been (sub)conciously stocking up on it and of course when I saw this See by Chloé dress with it, I had to have it. There are a lot of super fun eyelet options out there right now…from shorts to tops to dresses and skirts…so if you’re into this style the way I am, you’ll be really pleased with the selections out there. This eyelet dress will be on heavy rotation with me all summer long.

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Four Seasons Orlando

{Minnie Mouse and Friends}

We had heard the horror stories of attempting to conquer Disney with a toddler. The tales of long lines, the hot Orlando sun and no available reservations for lunch and dinner. The stories of tantrums over not being able to see Elsa. The exuberant cost of having to buy every souvenir known to man. And lastly, the nightmares of not being able to disconnect from Disney itself once the park day was done (hotels that play theme music throughout their grounds, pools with bright colored character sculptures, rooms with only Disney movies playing and so on and so on). Needless to say, we were nervous and maybe a little scared about our trip to Orlando.

That’s why when it came time to look for where to stay we decided to research a little and find a hotel that would be able to provide us (the adults) with a vacation of our own without excluding little Mia.
Enter (and check in) to the Four Seasons Orlando. Located on Walt Disney World Resort, this property is everything you’d expect from the Four Seasons without sacrificing quality family time.
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Two in One

I love the idea of having one item of clothing that looks like two…it’s like pretending to have actually planned your outfit when in fact, all you did was zip it up ;)

That’s the case with this dress from Banana Republic. The top is cut to look like you’re wearing a matching crop top (complete with back cut out) but it’s actually just one fit and flare dress. Love, right? I adore its fit so much that I purchased this dress in this fun spring print and in a solid black…because when a dress fits, buy it in every color! At least that’s my motto.  Continue reading →

Spring fun

I’m so happy to read/see that the weathers are warming up all over the country and not just here in Miami. You all must be so excited to bare those legs, wear those short dresses and enjoy not being cold. Frankly, I don’t think my Miami blood could handle the winters anymore…I need the heat. Well, for those of you just starting to build your spring wardrobe, can I please suggest this fabulous little number by 4.Collective? I mean, the color is absolutely perfect and although you could pair this dress with dressier accessories, I loved the way it looked in this casual style. Love the basketweave too…it gives this simple silhouette an elegant touch.
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Tracy Reese

Green is not a color I envy normally…it’s probably the color I own the least of. My closet is mostly a sea of neutrals so I was kind of hesitant when I saw this dress. I almost didn’t try it on but the simplicity of it and the material (100% silk) talked me into it. I’m so happy I did because I loved how it fit and how ridiculously easy it is to wear. I have worn this at least three times in the last month…and that’s a lot for me. I’ve worn it with black sandals, closed toe heels and of course, these strappy babies. So, I stand/sit here corrected with my impression of the color green…turns out it’s a pretty fab color to wear! Continue reading →