Flipping Out

I’m late to the Threadflip bandwagon and that’s because I’m a master at procrastination…but after many, many months, I finally found the time to clean out my closet and send away my items to the Threadflip warehouse. Once they arrived, their white glove service had my items photographed, measured and listed…thus creating tons more closet space for me to fill with the money from my sold items ;)
See what I did there?
Anyway, it’s beyond easy to use their white glove service and I highly recommend it. Click on the link, they send you a bag to fill and you send it back to them.
Before you know it, you’ll be selling that dress you knew you’d wear but never did.
While I was checking the status of my online sales closet, I happened to stumble across this skirt and I knew it HAD to be mine. I was lucky enough to get it for a steal (I almost felt guilty) and thankfully, it fits beautifully. It’s a party skirt, but honestly…isn’t life one big party anyway? I wore it out for a semi-casual dinner and loved feeling dolled even while wearing a t-shirt. Continue reading

Dear Mia

photo 4
My darling Mia…you’ve had your first turn around the sun, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and yet it all seems to me like one blink of an eye. Your birthday started on a hot Miami morning. Daddy was heading to go play golf (he was almost out the door) but I told him not to leave because I thought you might be on your way. It was Cinco de Mayo and you already knew you couldn’t miss a party. My type of gal ;)

We took a walk with the doggies, scared a few people in the elevator (they thought I was going to give birth right then and there) and then called Trudy (our doula) to come meet us at the hospital. We checked in around 12:30. We had a fun time waiting for you. We breathed, we listened to new age music, we laughed. Miss Andy brought some cookies for everyone to enjoy. The doctor very patiently waited and didn’t interrupt us. You were working hard to arrive and I had faith in you. I knew that you’d come when you were ready. At 6:23pm, you were greeted with a great big “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from our awesome nurse, Paula. And after that, your life began with us and I, for one, was changed forever. Continue reading

Epitome Spa

There’s a saying that bigger is better…and I agree that sometimes it’s true BUT when it comes to getting pampered, I prefer to be in an intimate, boutique type of setting and perhaps that I what I love most about Epitome Spa in Coral Gables. I first met the lovely Soumia, owner of Epitome Spa, when I was looking for a way to get my body back into pre-baby shape. I had heard of a technique called “endermologie” and was intrigued at the process. Soumia met with me and explained it in detail. After that initial consultation,  I couldn’t way to try it out and honestly, I’m so grateful I did. I underwent 10 sessions and I can tell you that I genuinely SAW a difference in the shape of my thighs and butt. It’s non-evasive, totally natural (no injections, chemicals or pills) and pretty much pain free. Best part, Soumia is officially trained by LPG (the company that founded endermologie) and she just happens to be one of 2 spas in the Miami area with the latest (and greatest) endermologie machine. Having spent so much time at the spa, I got to really enjoy (and learn) about other extensive and tried & true methods of beauty. Check out my thoughts on what else Epitome Spa offers… Continue reading

Blessed Be

photo 1 (3)
This past weekend we celebrate Easter…it’s a holiday that is special for me because I love the amazing service at my church (Trinity Cathedral, you guys are awesome!) and it’s day for me to apply an extra dose of gratefulness to my prayers and actions. And this year, more than any other year, I was grateful for a lot. Starting with my beautiful family. The three of us. We’re a team. We’re a unit. We’re three peas in a pod. We’re birds of a feather. We’re a tribe. We are family. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to go to church and celebrate Easter with MY family. A family that Ivo and I created. It’s not the one we were born into, which we love more than the world, it’s the tiny slice of heaven that belongs only to us and her name is Mia. It just doesn’t get any better than that… Continue reading

Still Going

(This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Evenflo & Latina Bloggers Connect. I received this car seat plus compensation for this post/review. All opinions are genuinely my own.)
I wanted to do a follow up on the car seat review because I had some great emails come in from it. Just for reference, this is the Evenflo Platinum Series LX carseat…here’s a direct link for all the specs and here to purchase.

Continue reading

Saks Denim Bar

Ooops…I’ve done it again. I’ve lost my patience when shopping for new jeans. I gave up and vowed to live in sweat pants. My cries must have been heard by Saks Bal Harbour and their team at the Denim Bar.
Enter Leslie, whom I shall call my personal denim concierge, to the rescue. Continue reading

Beauty of Spring

(This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. I received the products mentioned plus compensation for this post. All opinions and pictures are my own).
What does Spring time in Miami mean? Well, for starters it means less crowds (after Spring Break of course)…and trust me, all us locals jump for joy when that happens. Less crowds also means more beach space and that’s what I love about Spring time in Miami. Being able to head to the beach and carve out a large area of sand for me and my family/friends to enjoy. There’s nothing better than spending the day under the sun and finishing off the day with drinks and dinner under the stars. Continue reading


Shout out to the fabulous people at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour for sending this new fragrance my way from Viktor & Rolf. It’s called BONBON and it’s as delicious smelling as the name implies. It’s a beautiful and feminine scent that is absolutely perfect for springtime. First off, the packaging is fit for a princess so you know they had be at the bow. It’s a delicate blend of tangerine, black currant, orange, orange blossom, jasmine, peach, guaiac wood, cedar wood and caramel. For me, it’s just begging to be worn out at to an elegant evening event or an outdoor wedding. I can picture it now…a balmy wind in the air, the sun setting, a big white  tent housing a beautiful candlelight interior and a live orchestra playing a little Sinatra. Oh yes…this perfume would be perfect for such a soiree…

Now, if anyone has an invite they’d like to send my way…I know just what I’d wear:

Viktor & Rolf Springtime Fashion



Going Places

(This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Evenflo & Latina Bloggers Connect. I received this car seat plus compensation for this post/review. All opinions are genuinely my own.)
Fact: I do things in haste…mostly because I’m short on time lately (see: Mia). When this car seat arrived, I took it out of its box and didn’t see the instructions (which were safely tucked away in the back of the seat). I assumed the peeps at Evenflo thought, since I’m a mom, I should be a wiz at installing a car seat sans instructions. Turns out, thanks to this car seat…I am.
I can not state just how simple it is to install. I, without instructions, was able to install this car seat in under 10 minutes. No joke. Easy peasy.
Of course once it was all installed, I found the instructions and laughed (and double checked my work…better to be safe than smarty pants).
We (Mia and I) have had the Evenflo Platinum Symphony LX car seat now for about a week and we are totally in love with it.
Here’s why… Continue reading

Boyfriend Jeans

photo 2
Fact: Motherhood has made me a HUGE fan of casual wear. I know, I know…me, the Princess. But it’s true. It’s not that easy keeping up with a 10 month old in stilettos and ball gowns so when the boyfriend jean trend hit, I did a jump for joy (in my flats) and immediately went on a search to find a pair that would romance me the way a boyfriend should ;)
I loved these from Armani Exchange because they’re very comfy, the perfect length for me to roll them up and even though my husband thinks they give me a big booty, I like their fit. It’s supposed to be a casual relaxed look…not a vavavoom look.
I’ve seen a lot of bloggers pair their boyfriend jeans with heels and I personally think it looks fabulous but for this post, I paired them as I do almost always: very simple, Miami style.
Actually, this look is pretty much easy like Sunday morning…which happens to be exactly when I wore it. Continue reading