Big City Moms

So in case you don’t know (really?!), I’m a new mom. Almost exactly 9 months ago, I gave birth to what would be my best gift ever. And almost exactly a year ago, I was attending the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower (see post here) to learn all that I could before my bundle of joy arrived.
Well, the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower is back in Miami on Tuesday February 4th and I (along with little Mia) will be checking it out to stay on top of all trends baby. I love seeing what’s new in the world of eco-friendly toys, organic nutrition and baby technology (yes, that exists).
If you’re a mommy to be or a new mom like me and would like to attend, use the code “MARTHA” for $10.00 off the price of admission. Now you can’t say I never did anything for you ;) Continue reading

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9 Months on, 9 Months off

photo 4
I gained 45 pounds while I was pregnant and I made a pact with myself that I would not stress out too much about losing it. I would just work out, eat healthy and try to give it time. All my good friends would tell me how fab I looked (even though I knew I still had a long way to go) and remind me that it took 9 months to put on the weight, so I should give my body 9 months to take it off. That sounded like an eternity a couple months back, but such is life with a new baby that the days turn into weeks and into months faster than you can change a diaper.
Blink and 9 months is almost here and voila, my friends were right. I can comfortably fit into my old clothes…like, I’m not even gasping for air while wearing this dress. Major improvement! I wore this dress to last night’s Etro fashion show at the beautiful Perez Art Museum of Miami. And even though this dress is an oldie (but a goodie), the cobalt blue was right on trend. See, investing in good pieces is always the way to go. Continue reading

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Leather Weather…Sort of!

photo 1I know…it’s been ions since I posted. I mean, we’re in a new year for crying out loud!
I have a thousand of excuses I could give you but honestly, I just kind of just spent these last couple weeks with my family doing the good wifey thing and perfecting the mommy role. I have loved it but I’ve also been missing my time chatting fashion with you divas, so I’m happy to say I’m back in full post mode and with a “leather” look to show you.
Yes, it’s Miami and yes, it’s warm almost all the time but believe it or not, it’s been chilly lately. Like legit chilly. It’s given me an opportunity to wear some “wintery” things like faux leather jackets and tights…both of which I love, so I truly can’t complain about the weather.
And if any Miamians do…feel free to give them the side eye because we live in paradise here. This cold front is absolutely nothing to bitch about. Continue reading

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Animal Attraction

I’m wearing a leopard shirt and kitten heels…what can I say, the name was appropriate for this post. I’m sooooo thankful for the “cooler” temperatures in Miami. I’m loving being able to dress a little more “fall” friendly and use my long sleeves and jeans. And this hat…I love it. I wore it here already and I know it’s a bit of a blogger “no-no” to shoot things multiple times but I feel that a cozy wool hat is the best way to feel like we’ve got seasons changing here in Miami. Of course, there is a very clear contradiction when you see that I’m wearing open toed sandals, but such is Miami life. It’s great to dress for fall while being realistic to our city’s tropical climate. Continue reading

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“Gilt” free shopping!

Warehouse Sale 2
It’s true…I’m guilty of having shopper’s remorse. It usually happens when I splurge on something only to find out that I could have gotten it at a better price somewhere else. Well, I don’t want that to happen to you. I’m nice and thoughtful like that ;)
To help you, allow me to introduce to you the Gilt City Miami Warehouse Sale…it’s like redemption for every shopper’s remorse you’ve ever felt. You will be shopping the best of designers at the lowest of prices. It’s crazy, it’s exhilarating and it’s this weekend. Tickets run around $10.00 for admission (click here) and trust me, it’s worth every penny. Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

photo 3
If the eyes are truly the windows to our souls, why not spruce up the “curtains” a tad? That was my mentality when Jen Woehle from Beau Ideal House of Beauty reached out to me and asked me to try out some eyelash extensions.
To be honest, I always thought my eyelashes were pretty great but the “after” effect was amazing. Check out the pictures to see for yourself what a couple hundred extra lashes can do ;) Continue reading

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The 411 on DIY

The fact will always remain that I am not a “crafty” girl. I know of other bloggers (here’s looking at you Kara and Ginger) that can recreate a high-fashion article of clothing or sew an entire Halloween ensemble on a weekend. I just don’t have “it”. I can make awesome playlists, organize drawers like nobody’s business and Google anything faster than you can say “Google it”…yeah, totally redeeming qualities, right? Anyway, when Klout offered to send me a free DIY kit from the newest sensation Darby Smart, I knew I had to make it my mission to prove myself wrong. I would become a DIY girl. Here’s where it all begins…

Continue reading

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Maximize the smallest part of you

image (2)Let’s not talk about those last 10lbs I’m still fighting with. It’s clear they came to battle and will not go away without me bringing my “A” game…Pilates on South Beach, that means you. I’ve already mentioned my love for circle/skater skirts and the same love goes for the fit and flair style dress. Luckily for me, both styles are readily available from almost every designer at any budget level. I bought this dress the same time I bought my drop waist dress at Armani Exchange. I absolutely love the fit and cut of this dress…AND it actually has a bodice built in…so it definitely does the trick in highlighting the smallest part of my waist and hiding everything else. I wore this look to the Style Bloggers of Color conference here in Miami last week and I felt it represented me perfectly. It’s definitely Princessy, girly and black and white…well, that’s just always plain old chic ;) Continue reading

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Fashion for a cause, Part Deux!

image (2)

It’s the awesome time of the year where bloggers from all over Miami come together for the very important “Fashion for a Cause” campaign in order to help raise breast cancer awareness. I was a part of this campaign last year (see post here) and I’m so honored to be able to participate again with 30+ other fashion bloggers for this year’s project. I loved working with Alex from Alta Images and major shoutout to the Sagamore Hotel for allowing the shoot to take place in one of their fabulous bungalow suites. Continue reading

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Dropping the waist

image (5)

For a long time I didn’t think that I could wear drop-waist dresses because my torso is long already. I thought that wearing a drop-waist dress would just make me look super duper long and not in a sexy supermodel way ;) Anyway, I’m happy that I sometimes go against my assumptions and push myself to try things on regardless. I saw this simple but chic dress while shopping at Armani Exchange and I immediately loved it. Not only does it fit my body beautifully, it’s very forgiving (thank you, black!) plus it looks super feminine and girly. I also think that this is a great dress to use as a skirt. An over-sized sweater would work really well with it…if the temperatures ever  drop low enough here in Miami. Continue reading

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