Pietro Brunelli Maternity

Made in Italy…this is something that I always love to see on labels. There’s something about Italian’s and fashion. They get it. They use quality fabrics, make effortless cuts and provide styles that will last the test of time.
Naturally when Pietro Brunelli offered to send me a couple of their Spring/Summer  collection dresses, I said yes. This dress is glamorous and the color is so beautiful (you’ll see below). I felt like a pregnant goddess in it and that’s a good thing. Wish I could capture that feeling always…cause I got to be honest, somedays I am feeling anything but goddess like ;)
Thus the woes of being 9 months pregnant (tick, tock, baby Alexander, we are waiting).

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JCPenney Glam Suite & IHeart Fiesta Latina event

When you get a chance to be pampered and personally dressed by a designer, you say yes…even if you’re extra swollen and the furthest thing from pretty (being 36 weeks pregnant will do that to you). I jumped at the chance to attend the IHeart Fiesta Latina event hosted by InStyle & JCPenney and I’m so happy I did. The entire day was one big pampering event followed by VIP seats and passes to the ridiculously fabulous IHeart Fiesta Latina concert (think JLO, Pitbull, Prince Royce and more).
The JCPenney Glam Suite was held in the super chic Delano Hotel Penthouse…so for that reason alone, I had to attend, right?

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Navy Blue Dress

I’m obsessing about navy blue lately…it’s my new black. I feel like it’s a little easier to wear during the day and the the ability to keep the accessories day time friendly are easier (in my opinion).
I have worn this dress to the thread, I swear. It’s a non-maternity dress but the shift dress allows me to wear it over my belly bump and still keep its style.
I have done this a lot with my previous pregnancy and with this one as well…buying shift dresses in a size or two bigger than my normal size.
This dress has worked for me for the last three months and I know it will work for me post-pregnancy too so it’s a big win for me.

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Jumping for Joy

The weather in Miami has officially dropped! And by dropped I mean, it’s tolerable now. It’s our version of fall and it’s glorious. There’s a breeze in the air, you can walk around town without sweating (profusely) and yes, there are even some days when you can wear long sleeves. I’m so happy about it I could jump…or attempt to as you’ll see in some of these pictures ;)
Carrying around an extra 40 pounds is no joke so heat is basically my enemy but these last few days of cooler temps have put a pep in my step and I’m soaking it all up! I’m the unofficial welcome wagon to the fall weather in Miami!

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Wolford Dress

Celebrating your body is something all women should do but I feel even more so during pregnancy…
I mean, your body is creating another life…that’s pretty amazing, ladies.
Highlighting the baby bump is empowering and absolutely beautiful in my opinion.
When Wolford send over this dress I immediately envisioned this look. The cropped jacket and the high heels just seemed to be made for this dress. The color is also a nice change to my typical black dresses…it’s like a mauvy/gray and is perfect for fall/winter season.

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Kate Spade Heels

Everything body wise changes when you’re pregnant…from your hair to your nails to your thighs to your breasts, even your feet. Except for mine. Everyone always told me that my feet would change sizes after my first pregnancy…that (gasp!) they would be bigger and I would have to say goodbye to my old heels. Well, thank the shoe Gods, it didn’t happen to me and during this pregnancy, I’m happy to report that the one constant thing is my shoe size. I’m still (comfortably) a size 38.
So when I saw these Kate Spade heels marked wayyyyyyyy down on Saks.com I said to myself; “why not?” and pushed “purchase”.
They’re super sexy in their shape and height yet definitely sassy and almost a bit kitchy with a blinged up dollar sign on the back. Hey, I live in Miami…I can have fun with my footwear, okay? ;) Continue reading →

Rosie Pope Maternity

White after Labor Day…yes, it still manages to make headlines (boring, I know). I have seen so many articles in prominent fashion sites and magazines about this issue…which is bizarre to me because honestly, white is year round as is EVERY SINGLE COLOR! The days of following rules are long gone and if you’re smart, you can make even the most summery piece suitable for fall/winter.

This Rosie Pope maternity is a perfect example of that. It’s white, crisp and lace…certainly not the “typical” fall attire but add a denim jacket (easiest fix ever) and some fall colors and voila, you’re good to go! Continue reading →

Ted & Muffy

Fall in Miami….the notion of sipping warm drinks, wearing cozy knits and rocking boots is in the minds of all us gals but the reality of fall in Miami is very different. We get to pick certain aspects of those notions but never all of them combined. You’d overheat before you know it ;)
Anyway, I always opt for the boot option when it comes to fall attire because I can keep the rest of my look breezy and light.
When the team from Ted & Muffy reached out to me offering one of their custom fitted foots, I debated for days which one to take because let’s be honest, boots are timeless and can be in your wardrobe for many seasons to come. I wanted to pick something that I could foresee myself in this fall and for many falls after. Enter this suede knee high boot. Yeah, it’s perfect.
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Sassoon Salon

There are a kazillion perks to vacationing all summer BUT one downside is the effects that the sun, sea and hard water (very common in Europe) can have on your hair.
I deal with this every summer in Switzerland.
The water is extremely hard and it always leaves my hair fried towards the end of our stay.
Sassoon Salon reached out to me and offered to “revive” my hair from the exhaustion of summer and I gladly accepted.
After many swims in the Lake of Zurich and washing my hair with the Swiss hard water, my hair was thirsty and brittle.
Step inside the Sassoon Salon in Miami with me and find out what steps they took to give my hair some much needed CPR ;)

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Tiffany Rose

Okay, you guys know I’m been kind of hard on maternity clothes. Mostly because I seldom feel amazing in them and because I’ve often found that instead of accenting the belly, they tend to camouflage it…making you look even bigger. But pop open a bottle of champagne because I’ve found an exception to the rule! Case and point: Tiffany Rose from England. They sent me this stunning dress to wear to our friend’s wedding and let me tell you, I was shocked at how good I felt in it and how sexy it was on. Yes, maternity clothes can make you feel good and sexy…who knew?!!

My husband said it’s one of his favorite dresses…so you know I’m giving the crew at Tiffany Rose major brownie points for designing clothes that will make us preggo gals feel damn good. Continue reading →