Tiffany Rose

Okay, you guys know I’m been kind of hard on maternity clothes. Mostly because I seldom feel amazing in them and because I’ve often found that instead of accenting the belly, they tend to camouflage it…making you look even bigger. But pop open a bottle of champagne because I’ve found an exception to the rule! Case and point: Tiffany Rose from England. They sent me this stunning dress to wear to our friend’s wedding and let me tell you, I was shocked at how good I felt in it and how sexy it was on. Yes, maternity clothes can make you feel good and sexy…who knew?!!

My husband said it’s one of his favorite dresses…so you know I’m giving the crew at Tiffany Rose major brownie points for designing clothes that will make us preggo gals feel damn good. Continue reading →

Juvia Miami

A while ago there was a feature in Racked Miami featuring its diverse and beautiful “Instagrammable Walls”…I knew exactly which wall I felt needed recognition so I made sure to shoot it as soon as I could and submit my image. This stunning and ‘live’ wall is part of Juvia’s allure. The restaurant sits atop of the famed 1111 garage on Lincoln Road and it provides its clientele with some of the best views in South Beach…but let’s be honest, the view right up the wall is pretty fabulous too. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to take a peek at it next time you’re around. Grab yourself a drink, enjoy the view and soak in the greenery.

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Pink Blush Maternity

I swore I wasn’t going to buy any maternity looks this pregnancy but truth be told, this Pink Blush Maternity dress looks like anything but maternity. It’s a dress that can easily be worn pre/post pregnancy. It has a simple tie in the back letting you adjust the tightness which also helps give it some shape. And of course, there’s the color…it can not be more summery. It’s a fabulous color that seems to work on basically everyone. I wore this simple number to a dinner and it was a big hit. Paired with some gold and black accessories, it was an easy choice for this preggo mama. Continue reading →

Keep It Simple

Simplicty is the most complicated thing to accomplish…or so I’ve been told although I have to admit, since becoming a mom, simplicity is my middle name. That’s why I love dresses so much, they keep things simple. Now that I’m flaunting a little baby bump the notion of simplicity is even more important. I want pieces that I’m comfortable in, can chase my two year old toddler in and will allow me to maintain my personality. This look is super simple and thanks to the elastic waistband (yes…elastic waistbands have become my best friends), I’ll be able to wear it for at least another month (or two…or is that wishful thinking??).

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Summer White

White…you are just a perfect color, aren’t you? I mean, there are summer whites, winter whites, fall whites, spring whites…
Truth is, you can’t go wrong with white (or black but that’s a different post).
It just looks polished and clean. I got this dress at Ann Taylor for a steal (it’s linked and still on major sale) and I loved it immediately.
Not only does it “camouflage” my baby bump (who knew white could camouflage), it moves so nicely when I walk. And you know I love me some girly dresses.
Pretty sure “fit and flare” was created for me.
On a side note, Ann Taylor has a lot of fabulous dresses on sale right now (here) and if my belly wasn’t getting bigger with each passing day, I would be jumping on those sales immediately. Continue reading →

Nicole Miller

Little fun fact about this dress, my mom purchased it to wear at my rehearsal dinner almost 8 years ago.
She ended up wearing a different one and this beauty sat in her closet for a couple years before she rediscovered it and gave it to me.
I waited for the right occasion to wear it and as you know, I have a ton of dresses, so sometimes the perfect moment can take a year (or 5) to arrive.
Fast forward to our dear friends Mario & Gilles’ wedding this past month. They are one of our chicest friends and when they invited us to their wedding, I knew I had to find something that was a little bit special and definitely up to their standards. So, this Nicole Miller dress was the perfect choice.

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Patio Dress

I love me (especially now) a free flowing easy dress…especially in the hot summer months. You’re able to basically walk around naked and no one will know…except you ;)
I loved the fit and the fun tie-dye look to this Shibori patio dress by Banana Republic.
And it has pockets. I think we don’t need to go into just how fabulous it is to have pockets.
Banana Republic is doing an amazing job lately with their new collections. This is one of several dresses that I picked up while browsing their summer collection. Marissa Webb has done a tremendous job on giving this classic brand a new and trendier vibe while staying true to its roots.

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Walk on By

I almost never post pants…because I’m the dress queen of course but when I saw these linen pants at J.Crew I felt the need to get them because they just seemed so effortless and they have an elastic waist…which for a preggo lady is a big deal. I’m 4 months pregnant now which is why I’m starting to look a little more “round” so these pants work perfectly. They are not maternity pants but with their forgiving waistband, they will certainly work for me. And let’s be honest, shopping for maternity clothes is hard and I kind of want to be buying pieces that I can use now and later. I’m not saying these linen pants will make it till I’m 9 months but hey, I’ve been stocking up on trapeze dresses for that ;)

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Behnaz Sarafpour

I have a lot of dresses…so many that some of my fellow fashion bloggers have dubbed me “the Dress Queen”. I know, I know…it’s actually kind of a cool title, right?
But it’s true, I am pretty obsessed with dresses and given that in Miami a dress can be a year round staple, it’s no surprise that I am full stocked with dresses of every length, color and fabric.
I actually got this Behnaz Sarafpour dress in NY a couple of seasons back and I had every intention of wearing it to an event but I got pregnant and thus the dress sat in my closet for a couple of years. I finally took it back out because I had thought I could wear it to my friend’s wedding but now I’m pregnant again and so this dress will not make it to that event but it did finally make it to the blog…so I’m calling it progress!

Miami Beach Guide with Quinny Yezz

{Ready to take you on a tour of our city}

When the über chic team from Quinny reached out to me and asked if I could showcase the city I love while giving the new Yezz stroller a stroll, I immediately signed on. I mean, I get to include two things that I love dearly with this post, my daughter Mia and my beautiful city, Miami Beach. It was a match made in mommy heaven. These are my top four (4) spots in Miami Beach, all of which will provide you with a different view and vibe of our little tropical home.
Traveling around Miami Beach with a child is made infinitely easier with the Quinny Yezz. Some of these places are crowded and require you to be able to maneuver around people easily…and thanks to Quinny Yezz’s four wheels and compact size, you’ll be weaving in and out of tourists like a real local.
So let’s get our five point harness secured and get this show on the road!

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