I had to write something about what happened this morning…I thought about tweeting or facebooking my sentiments but I realized that what I really needed to do was allow the events to process and for my mind to attempt to make some sense to it.I heard several police sirens today early in the morning, my mind, being preoccupied with other matters, didn’t seem to register that the sirens were actually coming from very nearby…actually the sounds of the sirens was from my building. I would learn later in the morning that a man jumped from his 27th floor balcony to his… View Post

I mean, a quickie post. I’ve got a full house this week and I gots to say…I kind of enjoy it.Mostly because my hubby is happy to see his good friends, but I’m kind of starting to get…..dare I say it…..maternal????Eeeek!What?!!! Well, I think I’m still a long way from that… Okay…so now that we’ve got that covered. Carry on. Nothing more to see here.

Yep, simple minded…This blog is simple thus making the author, myself, simple minded. But just to clarify my simple ways to the over complicated people out there:Word on the street, It’s not meant to be a complicated read.It’s not meant to find the answers of the universe.It’s not meant to push my name out in the field Pulitzer prize winning authors.It’s not meant to be anything more than it is… My thoughts, observations and ramblings. If you need to read something more “intense”, please spend your time reading North Korea’s economic policy document….or the molecular structure of phosphorescent lighting. You’re… View Post

3 1/2 hours train ride and a world apart…Well, I have switched geographical locations since we last chatted….I now log onto Blogger from Zurich.I am actually amazed at how completely different two cities can be when they are soooo close to each other.I mean, in this day and age, almost four hours of distance is nothing.Yet the personalities of the both cities are totally and utterly different. For example, in Paris there is this vibe of creative energy. There is this “craziness” about the city.In Zurich, there are plenty of galleries and museums but none of them feel fresh and “open”…everything here… View Post

12 days in an amazing city! *Yes, this city is amazing. I love it more each time and I know that it loves me…or so I tell myself*11 breakfasts of croissants and café au lait.*That’s not an exaggeration nor a joke…I literally ate croissants for breakfast everyday! Eeek!!*10 plateau de frommage as an appetizer*I do love a nice plate of stinky cheese…delish*9 bottles of red wine*Okay, it may have been a couple more but it goes with the song so it’s staying*8 dinners in amazing restaurantsLe Roi du Pot au Feu34 Rue VignonParis, France 75009*Great peasant food. Delicious stews, wine on… View Post