3 1/2 hours train ride and a world apart…Well, I have switched geographical locations since we last chatted….I now log onto Blogger from Zurich.I am actually amazed at how completely different two cities can be when they are soooo close to each other.I mean, in this day and age, almost four hours of distance is nothing.Yet the personalities of the both cities are totally and utterly different. For example, in Paris there is this vibe of creative energy. There is this “craziness” about the city.In Zurich, there are plenty of galleries and museums but none of them feel fresh and “open”…everything here… View Post

12 days in an amazing city! *Yes, this city is amazing. I love it more each time and I know that it loves me…or so I tell myself*11 breakfasts of croissants and café au lait.*That’s not an exaggeration nor a joke…I literally ate croissants for breakfast everyday! Eeek!!*10 plateau de frommage as an appetizer*I do love a nice plate of stinky cheese…delish*9 bottles of red wine*Okay, it may have been a couple more but it goes with the song so it’s staying*8 dinners in amazing restaurantsLe Roi du Pot au Feu34 Rue VignonParis, France 75009*Great peasant food. Delicious stews, wine on… View Post

Well, it’s my annual return to my favorite place in the whole entire world…Paris (Paree…see, I did learn something in French. Never pronounce the “s”…makes you sound like a tourist….which I clearly am not).And Paris is of course Paris…fabulous without words and chic without trying.It is the center of all the things that I love and hold dearly to my materialistic heart and shallow mind:shoes, bags, haute couture, caviar, champagne, wine, chocolates, sense of style, crepes, crazy motorcycle drivers (I have a slight thing for bad boys), art, over the top expensive “nothings” like scarves, gloves, lingerie and caps.I love this… View Post

I’m not going to complain…BUT I will say that although it’s sunny and I don’t have to wear a jacket…it’s still cold! Miami cold but cold nonetheless.I know, I’m one of those people…complains when it’s hot complains when it’s cold.I have promised myself (and maybe God) that if the weather warms up to my liking (what happened to global warming??) I will NEVER complain about it being too hot again.That’s right, you read it here, people (all two of you)….I vow to not every complain about it being too hot, too humid, nor too sticky.So, since you’re all my witness… View Post

After our financially educational tour of St. Tropez, I was ready and looking forward to returning to the normal world that is Paris…where expensive food was mandatory and worth every penny.I would much rather prefer to pay 100 Euros for a plate of delicious pasta and a glass of wine in St. Germain then a pizza margarita on the boardwalk in St. Tropez.We arrived via train and checked into our home for the next ten days…the fantastic George Sand Hotel on Rue Mathurins.This hotel was were the majority of our wedding guests stayed (including ourselves), so this was a return… View Post