I ran into my fabulous neighbor from 1411 today and he mentioned that he accidentally found my blog and read it (whatever, stalker!).And then I remembered about my forgotten love…my blog! So, I made a point to write to you all today.I’m back in Miami, working a new gig and overall wondering why the humidity is soooo cruel to my hair. You know, the usual stuff.Not much has changed, although anytime you leave for over a week, the narcissistic person inside all of us insists that EVERYTHING has changed in our absence.But alas, life goes on without us.I returned home… View Post

Well, I leave tomorrow…who would have thunk that I could survive for two months far away from my comfort zone…not I, said Pie (inside joke). And I have to say that this time around, I actually (dare I say it) liked Zurich. Once I started wondering around, I actually grew to really appreciate the city, the art it holds and the secret little pubs hidden in Old Town. Zurich is basically the “downtown” of Switzerland and the most modern…but even here, I couldn’t help by laugh at the old-fashioned way of life. There are a lot of things that I… View Post

Obviously there are many things about Europe that classify it, borderline stereotypically, as Europe. And for me, it’s not the food or the funny accents…it’s the music. Now I have been battling with the radio stations here since I arrived. I have learned to pick and chose my battles with the DJ’s….I mean, some old songs do need to be replayed (Roxette, The Look) but others….once they’re dead…they should stay dead, no? I mean…I don’t ever need to hear Ace of Base again. What’s also funny about the radio here is that people that have no career in the states…can… View Post

I know, I know…who knew. I mean, with a URL like Princess Martha…it’s bound to create images of me in the woods, picking berries and eating mosquitos as protein, but alas that is not true. I am not a nature girl. I am a big city girl who loves the nature….from a far….from a painting….from an Ansel Adams photograph….from a postcard received from my “adventurous” friends…from anything other than the real thing. I think nature is beautiful, it’s truly breathtaking and it’s the essence of all that we are….but I don’t really need to be there to appreciate it, do… View Post

Minor downfalls of living in Europe: there are no true food delivery places. I mean, if you want a pizza, you have to basically go and order, wait for it and then bring it back to your apartment once it’s almost too cold to enjoy. Or, as I have learned to do, I can walk the dogs, place and order at the chinese restaurant next door and then as we (the dogs and I) are heading back…I pick up my somewhat nutricious meal of fried stuff. That has worked out okay, but I do miss the days of speed dialing… View Post