I know, I know…who knew. I mean, with a URL like Princess Martha…it’s bound to create images of me in the woods, picking berries and eating mosquitos as protein, but alas that is not true. I am not a nature girl. I am a big city girl who loves the nature….from a far….from a painting….from an Ansel Adams photograph….from a postcard received from my “adventurous” friends…from anything other than the real thing. I think nature is beautiful, it’s truly breathtaking and it’s the essence of all that we are….but I don’t really need to be there to appreciate it, do… View Post

Minor downfalls of living in Europe: there are no true food delivery places. I mean, if you want a pizza, you have to basically go and order, wait for it and then bring it back to your apartment once it’s almost too cold to enjoy. Or, as I have learned to do, I can walk the dogs, place and order at the chinese restaurant next door and then as we (the dogs and I) are heading back…I pick up my somewhat nutricious meal of fried stuff. That has worked out okay, but I do miss the days of speed dialing… View Post

This question could be best filled with the following: money, love, happiness, the truth…but it is me who writes this and there is, after all, a fat girl that lives inside me and so the real question I must ask is: how far would you go for a delicious chocolate almond croissant? And my answer is: across the Atlantic ocean, two metros and six blocks out of my way. As my hubby and I left Roland Garros (yes, we are there almost everyday…no, I don’t insist on wearing tennis attire to mark our obsessiveness), we went out a different exit.… View Post

I have arrived!! No, I don’t mean that I have finally made it to the front page of the society pages…yes, I am obsessed with the Housewives of New York. What I mean is that I have arrived to my final destination…no, not death. Paris, France.After a month of trying to tie up loose ends, I finally allowed myself to get on the plane and admit that whatever wasn’t finished, would just have to wait. I did only accept this after my third glass of Chardonnay…thank you Swiss Airlines! But we, the kids (aka my beloved furry little Chihuahuas) arrived… View Post

So…my husband’s good friend came over today for his usual defeat on the tennis court. My husband happens to play good tennis and his friend, well…he only plays good tennis in his head and in his memories…. I stopped by to see the abuse and ask the friend how his new baby was. Much to my surprise (not!), he showed minimal interest in talking about his newborn and even less interest in his wife. But what he did show an interest in was the fact that I did not (nor do I now) what to have any kids. He was… View Post