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So…such is the life of a fashion blogger…social media is an essential part of the blogging world and thus this page ;) I know it seems like an overload of information but modern days call for modern ways…so let’s get started on how you can contact me:

Want to give me a shout out? Some love? A product to review? Or some clothing to try on?
If so….you can reach me at this email address:

Want to friends with me on Facebook? Fabulous…then come find me here:

Want to follow me around as I tweet about random fashion obsessions and occasional rants of my love for my long haired chihuahuas? Perfect, then you can do that here:

And now for the rest…cause there is a lot more:

Google +:
Instagram: @princessmarthad or view here

So basically…stay in touch ;) I’d love to hear from you!

Martha…your favorite Miami Beach fashion blogger….right?? ;)

If you want ME to get in touch with you and the above options don’t work for you, leave me our info below.

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