Celebrating your body is something all women should do but I feel even more so during pregnancy… I mean, your body is creating another life…that’s pretty amazing, ladies. Highlighting the baby bump is empowering and absolutely beautiful in my opinion. When Wolford send over this dress I immediately envisioned this look. The cropped jacket and the high heels just seemed to be made for this dress. The color is also a nice change to my typical black dresses…it’s like a mauvy/gray and is perfect for fall/winter season.

Sorry if I just conjured up an Avril Lavigne song with that title…but I thought the title fit (although I can’t say the same about that song). Anyway, I love me some skirts and dresses with a skater cut. It’s fun, flirty and super feminine…which is kind of how I like to describe myself ;) Anyway, I got this skater dress at Armani Exchange a while back which is why it’s got longer sleeves but I just got around to wearing it (problems of a shopaholic). I love the way it moves when I walk…kind of made me feel like… View Post

Fact: Motherhood has made me a HUGE fan of casual wear. I know, I know…me, the Princess. But it’s true. It’s not that easy keeping up with a 10 month old in stilettos and ball gowns so when the boyfriend jean trend hit, I did a jump for joy (in my flats) and immediately went on a search to find a pair that would romance me the way a boyfriend should ;) I loved these from Armani Exchange because they’re very comfy, the perfect length for me to roll them up and even though my husband thinks they give me… View Post

I know…it’s been ions since I posted. I mean, we’re in a new year for crying out loud! I have a thousand of excuses I could give you but honestly, I just kind of just spent these last couple weeks with my family doing the good wifey thing and perfecting the mommy role. I have loved it but I’ve also been missing my time chatting fashion with you divas, so I’m happy to say I’m back in full post mode and with a “leather” look to show you. Yes, it’s Miami and yes, it’s warm almost all the time but… View Post

Let’s not talk about those last 10lbs I’m still fighting with. It’s clear they came to battle and will not go away without me bringing my “A” game…Pilates on South Beach, that means you. I’ve already mentioned my love for circle/skater skirts and the same love goes for the fit and flair style dress. Luckily for me, both styles are readily available from almost every designer at any budget level. I bought this dress the same time I bought my drop waist dress at Armani Exchange. I absolutely love the fit and cut of this dress…AND it actually has a… View Post