I’ve officially jumped on the jumpsuit bandwagon. The reason it took me so long to join in on the fun? Well, although I love being a tall girl, having long legs does create a bit of a problem in the jumpsuit department but thanks to Bebe, I can finally partake in one of the hottest trends to hit us since crop tops. I see jumpsuits EVERYWHERE!! What’s not to love about these fab one piece numbers? They’re comfy, chic and will take you to almost any event you’ve got scheduled. Personally they are perfect for a busy Mom on the… View Post

If you’re a “Sex and the City” addict like I am, you know that Carrie wore the infamous “naked” dress for her first date with Big. This is the modest, preggo, not quite as saucy version of it ;) And the trick to being able to use my dresses while pregnant is to make sure that the “waist” is not actually on my waist but higher than the baby bump. So this dress is definitely a keeper in my maternity wardrobe. This is what I wore:

Vernissage is a French word used to describe the preview of an upcoming installation/show…and that is exactly what Wednesday night’s event is. It’s an invitation only event that allows some of us a sneak peak into what is arguably the best show on the block…Art Basel at the Convention Center. I would have loved to take pictures of some of the priceless works of art, but cameras during the vernissage are a big no-no and I didn’t think it would be chic to be thrown out for breaking the rules ;) I did however put my camera (and hubby) to good use… View Post

I think there is something so chic about an exposed back…it needs no accessories or bling because sometimes just a little skin can be all the luxury you need ;) I did however add some bling to my feet. These are my very first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

So…I have some pretty fabulous friends and I think that sometimes I need to showcase them and their amazing projects here…and I am starting this trend out by bringing you some info about my two dear friends Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz from Kiss My Face. They started their company by selling olive oil soaps that they discovered while in Greece back in the early 1980’s (yes…before being natural was the “in” thing to do).