It’s amazing how much you change as a person when you become a parent. For example, the kind of gifts that I usually asked the hubby for were pretty Princess typical. My usual “go-to” list was always something shiny, something blingy, something spa like and/or something bubbly. And obviously that’s not to say that I don’t LOVE those things anymore (I do!), it’s just to say that other things moved rapidly up the list…like this Babboe cargo bike for example. I saw it a couple months ago on Instagram and I kept telling the hubby that I wanted it for… View Post

There are a lot of truly fabulous things about being a blogger and one of my favorites is the ability to review places like the Marilyn Monroe Spa in Midtown. They invited me to enjoy their signature manicure and pedicure the day after we returned from Switzerland and let me tell you…there was no better way to unwind from the crazy travel than enjoying some good old fashioned pampering at their spa.

So in case you don’t know (really?!), I’m a new mom. Almost exactly 9 months ago, I gave birth to what would be my best gift ever. And almost exactly a year ago, I was attending the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower (see post here) to learn all that I could before my bundle of joy arrived. Well, the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower is back in Miami on Tuesday February 4th and I (along with little Mia) will be checking it out to stay on top of all trends baby. I love seeing what’s new in the… View Post

Personal fashion pet peeve of mine: women that spend their money on labels and run around proclaiming themselves to be fashion lovers or worse, “fashionistas”. Ugh. I mean, when did the ability to purchase fancy clothes equate to the ability of being stylish? In my opinion, a true fashion lover is someone that can pull together an outfit that resonates their true sense of style on any budget. Mixing labels from every end of the spectrum is my favorite thing to see and coincidentally, it’s something that I truly enjoy doing. 

Any time I can spend my morning shopping, learning and brunching at Saks Fifth Avenue in Bal Harbour is time well spent ;) I was invited to the private preview of the Chantecaille makeup line and spend the morning with some other lovely Miami Fashion Bloggers. We learned a lot about this small family run business that features a big eco-friendly vision and a compassionate heart. Omar Lima-Chavez, their Southeast executive, told us the history behind this great line and shared with us their philanthropic works which this year include the “Save the Sharks” palette featuring Spring’s best colors; 5%… View Post