Horizontal stripes…the nemesis of all women…or simply just a misunderstood direction? I’m going with the latter. After all, I felt great wearing this horizontally stripped dress by 4.Collective. I never once felt it made me look big or wider than I am. In fact, I think it hugged my body just right. I think the trick to wearing horizontal stripes is their width and their placement. If you see, the torso of the dress is all horizontal but the skirt part of the dress has more of a curvature giving the skirt a nice bounce appeal. Of course it can… View Post

I picked up this sweet little REDValentino number at the Gilt Warehouse sale and I’m honestly not sure that I can tell you what I paid for it because it was such a steal…and because I’m afraid they made a mistake on the label and will track me down thanks to this post and make me pay the difference. For the record, I will admit that I would happily pay it because this dress and me belong together. It’s the softest prettiest pink ever and it’s got the most delicate little Valentino bow along the waist to make this look… View Post

Fact: the title happens to be one of my favorite songs… I mean, what can I say, I grew in Indiana. The Eagles were kind of a big deal in my youth (along with the Grateful Dead, DMB and Phish…I know, I know…totally random). One of the reasons why I like that song is because it still resonates with me today. We’re all here running around like mad women and men, rushing from here to there, being connected through more apps than we ever could have dreamed of and rarely taking the time to simply enjoy the moment. Sometimes it… View Post

Well friends, we have officially reached the age where Disney is not only a word in Mia’s vocabulary, it’s a destination and almost a lifestyle. We’ve got Disney videos, Frozen shirts, more Minnie Mouses than one can count (see above) and a playlist full of Disney songs… Frankly, having grown up with Disney, I’m happy to see little Mia build her own “friendship” with these beloved characters. Tonight, we are heading up to VIP preview of Disney on Ice and I can’t wait to see Mia’s face as she meets Minnie Mouse for the first time. These are the things… View Post

Fact: I’m always been afraid of sheer because somehow in my mind, I’d pictured it kind of cheap and tacky. I know, I’m antiquated in my thoughts…feel free to roll your eyes my way but I’m just being honest. Anyway, I saw this DVF black dress in pictures and loved it and of course, went out looking for it…and once I had it in my hands, I was shocked to see that the stripes are actually sheer panels alternating with fabric. And you know what, it doesn’t look cheap and tacky (tell me the truth, okay?). It gives the dress a… View Post