My darling Mia…you’ve had your first turn around the sun, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and yet it all seems to me like one blink of an eye. Your birthday started on a hot Miami morning. Daddy was heading to go play golf (he was almost out the door) but I told him not to leave because I thought you might be on your way. It was Cinco de Mayo and you already knew you couldn’t miss a party. My type of gal ;) We took a walk with the doggies, scared a few people in the elevator (they… View Post

So in case you don’t know (really?!), I’m a new mom. Almost exactly 9 months ago, I gave birth to what would be my best gift ever. And almost exactly a year ago, I was attending the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower (see post here) to learn all that I could before my bundle of joy arrived. Well, the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower is back in Miami on Tuesday February 4th and I (along with little Mia) will be checking it out to stay on top of all trends baby. I love seeing what’s new in the… View Post

So, I know what you’re thinking…is she really writing about a bag? Yep, I am…because this isn’t just a new bag for me, it’s my new “diaper” bag for Mia. Double whammy! For me, a diaper bag always seemed like a weird thing to buy…especially a designer one. I mean, what do you do with it when you don’t need it anymore? It’s not like you’ll be toting around that bag as a purse…or do you?? Anyway, I know spending crazy money on a diaper bag seems impractical, but at least I know that this  bag will 100% be used… View Post

I know….it’s a long vlog…sorry. But I think if you’re having a baby or at least considering it, it’s worth checking out what I’ve learned and wish I knew beforehand. And if you’re not having a baby anytime soon, it’s also worth checking out so you can catch a glimpse of little Mia. See it’s a vlog for everyone! Thanks to those that sat through it…you guys are my faves ;) XOXO, Martha

For starters, let’s just say that I don’t want to make this post pro or against breastfeeding. That’s not the point and actually, I think we all should stop making that the main issue. As women, we should support each other in whatever choices we make. I believe that, for the most part, women are trying to do the best they can when it comes to their kids…and although we might not all always agree, we shouldn’t go around making each other feel bad about the different choices. So whether you chose to breastfeed till 2 years or non at… View Post