I’m not gonna lie to you guys…I own wayyyyy too many LBDs. It’s like my kryptonite. I have no will power when I see one that I like. And even though they all have the same color palette, in my eyes, they’re all unique and definitely necessary in my wardrobe. This 10 Crosby Derek Lam dress is a perfect in styling, cut, and bounce. I love the piping detail that can be seen once you get up close (and a little personal). It makes this dress look a little more polished and not so plain. I paired it with my… View Post

Fact: the title happens to be one of my favorite songs… I mean, what can I say, I grew in Indiana. The Eagles were kind of a big deal in my youth (along with the Grateful Dead, DMB and Phish…I know, I know…totally random). One of the reasons why I like that song is because it still resonates with me today. We’re all here running around like mad women and men, rushing from here to there, being connected through more apps than we ever could have dreamed of and rarely taking the time to simply enjoy the moment. Sometimes it… View Post

It’s no doubt that white is the new black. I mean, it’s everywhere. Fashion from every end of the spectrum is embracing the pure chicness that is clean, crisp white. Believe it or not, it was really hard to NOT pair this dress with a “pop of color” or something truly bold but in the end, I’m was happy to keep things a little more low key and muted and truly let the white shine. I saw this shirtdress in the Gap window and immediately was drawn to its feminine cut and super light fabric. This is such a winning… View Post

I’m late to the Threadflip bandwagon and that’s because I’m a master at procrastination…but after many, many months, I finally found the time to clean out my closet and send away my items to the Threadflip warehouse. Once they arrived, their white glove service had my items photographed, measured and listed…thus creating tons more closet space for me to fill with the money from my sold items ;) See what I did there? Anyway, it’s beyond easy to use their white glove service and I highly recommend it. Click on the link, they send you a bag to fill and… View Post

I’m wearing a leopard shirt and kitten heels…what can I say, the name was appropriate for this post. I’m sooooo thankful for the “cooler” temperatures in Miami. I’m loving being able to dress a little more “fall” friendly and use my long sleeves and jeans. And this hat…I love it. I wore it here already and I know it’s a bit of a blogger “no-no” to shoot things multiple times but I feel that a cozy wool hat is the best way to feel like we’ve got seasons changing here in Miami. Of course, there is a very clear contradiction… View Post