I have arrived!! No, I don’t mean that I have finally made it to the front page of the society pages…yes, I am obsessed with the Housewives of New York. What I mean is that I have arrived to my final destination…no, not death. Paris, France.After a month of trying to tie up loose ends, I finally allowed myself to get on the plane and admit that whatever wasn’t finished, would just have to wait. I did only accept this after my third glass of Chardonnay…thank you Swiss Airlines! But we, the kids (aka my beloved furry little Chihuahuas) arrived… View Post

So…my husband’s good friend came over today for his usual defeat on the tennis court. My husband happens to play good tennis and his friend, well…he only plays good tennis in his head and in his memories…. I stopped by to see the abuse and ask the friend how his new baby was. Much to my surprise (not!), he showed minimal interest in talking about his newborn and even less interest in his wife. But what he did show an interest in was the fact that I did not (nor do I now) what to have any kids. He was… View Post

It’s amazing to think that here I am writing to absolutely no one and feeling like I can truly say what I want and mean what I say. The comfort that comes with the fact that you’re not actually speaking to someone in particular is as warm as a Kashmir sweater. I mean, I guess, if you’re dying to find out who I am so that we can have a heart to heart, that’s possible…but for the most part, I am speaking to the unknown and the unknown is listening to me, an unknown to them. I know, I know…I’m… View Post

Wow…that is one massive picture of me…but hey, it’s the only page that is truly devoted to me. I don’t have to tell you what I’m wearing, where I went or what I ate…this page is solely for me to tell you about me ;)And isn’t that super duper fun???Say yes.Anyway, this blog was my thought’s home for many years…I did it out of necessity to empty out my head. I never thought about creating something more than just a storage closet for my rambles and inappropriate comments but then things in my life took a change and I came back here…to my blog,… View Post